What mods do you run alongside GregTech 6? (1.7.10)


(Samuel Kloss) #21

would even be nice if there were crafttweaker scripts on the wiki…


Is that like minetweaker? Do you have a link?

(Alexander James) #23

Although potentially a worse format, since I’ve ended up publishing a modpack to Curse in order to introduce my friends to GT6, here’s the explanatory chart of why I chose to add those mods:

(Samuel Kloss) #24


Its basically minetweaker. But i like to request “Balance Scripts” on the wiki so, if you want to use [RandomMod] and someone made a balanced crafttweaker script so the mods work good together (as example in forestry the machineries are pretty simple so with a good script they are “balanced”)

(SuperCoder) #25

CraftTweaker is pretty much the better version of MineTweaker :wink:


Interesting, does it support all minetweakers integrations as well? What scripting language does it use?

(SuperCoder) #27

Not sure about integrations, but i know that you write Crafttweaker in ZenScript like minetweaker.


The integrations are the significantly important part though. ^.^;