Wind, Watermills and Axles


(Donzil Zenovka) #1

How feasible would it be to have something like immersive engineering’s wind mills directly power an axle?
They work by attaching to a dynamo to produce RJ but it would seem they would theoretically be generating low RU to do this.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

The only reason I dont wanna do this is the Windmill Rotor Models, because I just dont wanna bother modelling those, apart from that its rather easy.

(Steffen) #3

I tried my hand at implementing a Watermill, but since I also did not want to make a 3D model I thought I would try to let the player build something and then just spin it around.
That would allow for way more creative choices.

I got as far as having a mainblock, which scans for kinda rotationsymmetric wood blocks (it does not care for the type of block, but for there bein one).
As well as replacing the found block with invisible placeholders to keep the hitbox working.
But I got stuck at the rendering…

I wanted to reuse the renderBlock.renderBlockByRenderType method, but either it is not rendering at all, or it renders in some faroff place, where I cannot see it. I am not sure…

any ideas?

(Steffen) #4

ah, I just got it to render a block.
The textures are messed up thought.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

Note: Watermill just felt a bit too cheaty to me to make, that one would probably work with simple Blocks that are placed in a specific Shape, but then the balance reason of why not spamming those everywhere comes up, and limiting them to Rivers while being a possible solution also makes it look a bit derpy since all Rivers have the same height at every location, meaning you dont have actually falling water to drive the thing visually unless you make a stupid looking contraption like in Immersive Engineering.

(Steffen) #6

Yeah, I also thought about the balancing.
I settled for limiting it to rivers for now, since it is nice to settle next to rivers anyway because of the unlimited freshwater you can get from them.

In terms of energy production I will limit it to just enough rotational energy as is needed to power the first automatic hammer after conversion to ku.

This way, even if not limited to rivers it would be way to weak to just spam it and merge the rotational energies with gearboxes. It would probably be more efficent to use the space as treefarm for boilers.

As for the derpy river generation if I remove the limitation for the waterwheel to be in the river it would allow one to build their own river to place it in.

Since I also plan to make the meager max output of the waterwheel easily achievable I would also avoid the stupid looking contraption from immersive engineering which only occures because of minmaxing the output for the waterwheels.