Wrench/cutter grid line sometimes become too thin to see


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Here a Bear Report of the Overlay


It’s flickering out even when there is nothing to Z-fight with…

/me sighs

It’s crappy video drivers, it’s happening because the line is falling too well between floats that the video card is ‘optimizing’ it out instead of following the (admittedly ancient part here) of the OGL spec.

I don’t think that one is fixable without changing to an entirely new format like a texture overlay or a shader or so, it’s a driver bug.

What GPU does @Bear989Sr use anyway?

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Told you there is nothing to Z Fight with. Sometimes this even turns into a randomly dotted line. At least that was what I had on my old computer.

I have nothing against overlay images apart from me having to do it myself what will end in a huge waste of time, so I need a certain someone to improve that for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use Nividia GTX-1060 6gig with updated drivers


I would suggest setting the blend mode for the wrench lines to this, or at least something like this.

GL11.glColor4d(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0);

<Rest of rendering code>


This should improve visibility on dark surfaces.
Will try testing this later.


I had the same thought by just changing the blend function, but with a lot of drivers that won’t really fix it just outright vanishing (line drawing mode in OGL was way deprecated/old)…

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Well it is fixed now. The Overlay is glowing white/grayish now so even if the color matches the overlay, it will still fade into a more visible color after a second anyways


I confirmed fix with environment above.
Thanks for your fix.