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Em yeah, as i said i am to stupid for linux so i have no idea what the issue is because i dont use it.
I have someone who got it working on linux but he is not online right now.
I can ask him if you want.

But i have no idea how to fix that. Sorry ^^"


@FriendlyPerson ok i got now 2 sources who suggested me that it might be because of OpenJDK,
They suggest that you try oracle java 8 instead because that ships by default with the JavaFX Library.


I just tried this with a fresh installation of Linux Mint 19.1 in a virtual machine and managed to reproduce the bug.

It seems like openjfx cannot be loaded if the default java version is java 10 (or java 11).

  • When only openjdk-8-jre was installed it perfectly worked
  • When openjdk-11-jre (default-jre) was installed and set as default, it did not work, even when launching it with openjdk-8-jre from the context menu
  • When openjdk-11-jre was installed and openjdk-8-jre set as default, it works perfectly fine

(all this still with openjfx installed and default java versions set via update-java-alternatives)

(Gregorius Techneticies) #24

Just noticed something, you showed a screenshot of OpenJDK 8 instead of Oracle JDK 8, I might be just a Ubuntu User who happens to have Oracle Java 8 installed, but is the Oracle Version installable for Linux Mint too?


Version 1.3 released now:

Version 1.3:

  • Added: Row Column for the ModPack List.
  • Added: MassUpdate option to prevent that you have to update 9k Mods at once before you can actually use the tool. This is by default disabled so that you at max have 1000 mods be checkt.
  • Added: Priority sorter for Automated ModUpdate Checker that prioritizes mods that are in “Installed Packs”
  • Changed: Auto Update for repository is by default enabled now.
  • Changed: Repository AutoUpdate happens now every 15 minutes instead of 30 Minutes. Just to make sure a backlog happens.
  • Added: Information of how many Mods are in need in Update
  • Fixed: A couple annoying bugs that are only annoying to programmers. (Reducing log spam)
  • Added: Print ModPack Option which will print the ModList into a txt file allowing easier sharing of ModPack Contents.
  • Added: Tag System into The Repository Mod. (Needs a updating of every single mod at least once to fully work)
  • Added: Mod Repository can now filter by tags. If a mod has its tags not loaded it counts as having every single tag
  • Added: Adding Mods has now a tag option.
  • Added: Version Changes show now which release type they are.
  • Added: More Changelog view options
  • Fixed: Precaching wasn’t able to detect already installed mods.
  • Added: MultiView Changelog.
  • Fixed: Performance issues of the MultiView Changelog.
  • Added: Integrated the MultiView Changelog into the Software
  • Added: Exporting a Pack is now a task to see how its progressing. It was not expected to take long
  • Added: Added a Side System into the Programm which allows to Export packs based on their side. Also repository can be set based on side.
  • Fixed: ModRepository could not handle 100k Versions when searching was cleared the UI would lag for a second or two.
  • Added: Dependencies are now downloaded from the curse page. (Highly suggested on first start to force update all mods via Options => Repository => View Repository => Force Update All mods). Because that will only take once a long time.
  • Added: Dependencies get now auto added to modlists.
  • Added: When Clicking on a dependency and Selecting open ModPage will now cause that the Dependency will be opened instead of the mod that has the dependency.
  • Added: Keeping Track of when a Mod was created.
  • Added: A Better File Comparator. If simple comparason fails then a hashComparator of the files contents will be used. (If the mods md5 is present)
  • Added: A Validation System on mods. If ModFiles are not present on curse it will be not allowing to add that version.
  • Fixed: LessData recreation & Dependency System is no longer redownloading everything everytime a mod is downloaded.
  • Added: Fully Implemented the better ModFinder.
  • Added: Auto Dependency Loader.
  • Added: Precaching new mods
  • Fixed: Infinite dependency download loop.
  • Changed: Dark mode will not enable by default.
  • Fixed: Issues with dependency loading in the Repository
  • Fixed: Downloading Dependencies & Better File Comparer (MD5) kept getting stuck.
  • Fixed: (Hopefully) Print packs should now work with Mac.
  • Fixed: Typos. Ofc i am moron with that.
  • Fixed: Mass Update button does not set itself properly when restarting software
  • Fixed: Coloring of the Tab was bad in dark mode. Also hover tooltips have now a better color too.
  • Added: Hovering over the main UI Tab will now show in a Tooltip the location
  • Added/Fixed: MPM now can handle renamed files better by just using the renamed File without creating duplicates
  • Fixed: Some Spelling Errors.
  • Added: Notification when no None Curseforge Mods were found
  • Added: Mods can now be disabled or enabled by the MPM, and it will also now find mods that are disabled
  • Fixed: Potential crash on startup
  • Fixed: Lang mistakes.
  • Added: Mod Sorter to the Repository (By Name, By Creation Date, By Last Update)
  • Added: Dependency Downloader for the CurseForge Links UI. (Does not warn about conflicts)
  • Added: Dependency System is now shown in the main ui and can be toggled to be visible.
  • Added: Install Dependencies button in the main UI so if something is missing and installable then it will do that.
  • Added: Toggle for the dependency View because it is failing if mods do not keep the mod dependencies up to date.
  • Fixed: Color issues with tabs
  • Fixed: Issue with wrong dependencies being loaded.