Don't know where to Post? Post in here!

This Category is for everyone who doesnt exactly know where to post their Stuff yet.


The really Important Stuff will be announced here. Such as Changes of the Website, new Content and the likes.


Post everything related to the Forums themselves in this Category, or maybe introduce yourself ^^

Support & Bugs

Bug Reports and Support Requests go here. Basically everything that can be “solved”, including ingame inconsistencies.

Minecraft & Mods

Everything related to Minecraft and Mods of Minecraft in general.

Multiplayer Servers

Looking for people to play with? This is the place for that ;D


Don’t understand English? Kannst kein Englisch? 英語は話せませんか? não posso falar inglês? 不会说英语? no puedo hablar ingles? 영어를 못하니? Не говорите по-английски? ne peut pas parler anglais? अंग्रेजी नहीं बोल सकता?