Hello World! Introduce yourself!


The obligatory hello world thread!

Who are you, what do you like to do, where are you from, etc…? :slight_smile:

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So far so good the forum looks great
(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

It’s a me! Gregorius! :gregorius:

I’m basically the one running the site in the foreground, while @OvermindDL1 over here is running the background. :wink:

I do have an About Me Page on the Website, so I keep this Post short. ^^


I’m in the central USA, programmer at a college, been programming my whole life (primarily C++ though dabble in a little bit of almost everything either for work or play). In my spare time I tend to grill for friends and program. Factorio is currently my not-so-secret addiction. ^.^

(SuperCoder) #4

I’m a someone who enjoys programming and GregTech and loves mixing both! I have worked on many GT projects and hope to work on more! I’m a full time student currently so you might find me slacking off more than working :stuck_out_tongue: I also work games and I’m known for my notoriously bad code :wink: Also i enjoy breaking Energy Networks (Such as the IC2 ENet) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bear) #6

I am Bear, I break stuff and poke things with a stick.


Me Dog, Me Learned Coding, Dogs aren’t good at coding, but dogs look cute at coding.


I’m e99999, from the west coast of the United States. I like submitting bug reports for things that are usually/most likely user error : )


Hey you guys! I’m a software engineer at Microsoft but previously I was full-time addicted to InfiTech. Been playing/modding Minecraft since 2010. Also shoutout to Bear, love your videos!

(Léa Gris) #10

Hello there.
I am grandma from France and I support GregoriusT as along as I can afford it because:

  • I would have dropped Minecraft years ago if there was no Gregtech.
  • Persons like GregoriusT’s are too often misunderstood and underestimated.
  • I See Genius and Marvels in GregoriusT’s weirdness.

Go-on dude!
I know you can live without other’s consideration,
but as it does not kill you, I am sure it makes you stronger.


I’m Phecda from China! A new guy in Gregtech and redstone machine.
Also an ACG-lover and can write a bit of java code.


@LucunJi What’s ACG I’m curious? Might be that my wife is a nurse but the only ACG acronym I know of it about a Gastroenterology College. ^.^;



(獠牙) #14

I’m Function_z from China! I’ve been paying attention to GT6 for a long time.
And I’m also a material engineer. Many of GT6’s mineral smelting is very real, which makes me addicted to it. :smiley:


Hi guys!
I’m GONGGONGJOHN and I’m a Chinese too. I started following Gregtech 6 since its very early version for its amazing simulation of so many stuff in the real world! I’m also a video uploader on Bilibili (A website in China that very similar to Youtube). In fact, @LucunJi @Function_z and I are making a series of videos about GT6. we all love this mod! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



(Gregorius Techneticies) #17

Dont worry, there is a bunch of Chinese Users right above your Post :wink:

I think I am gonna need to make an “International” Category on the Forums. So people of different Languages can post there. Also good for Localisation Stuff. ^^


For note for everyone else, Google says this is:

It seems that I am the only one who can’t speak English.


Yes! I’d definitely vote for that!

(Gregorius Techneticies) #19


A whole new category for all of the World ;D


Of course, I can also translate it into English by website, but there may be mistakes. :grinning:


All good, it usually gets ‘close enough’ in most cases. :slight_smile: