ModPack Manager


(Friendly Person) #41

I agree, it’s amazing that we are already able to get this far minus the kinks that pending to be fixed for the patched version.

(Friendly Person) #42

That was correct so after that I had to make the changes above in order to Curse to accept the pack. Since it will crash the client otherwise according to them. Not too bad in my end, except if this could be set once and automate it from there on out (like a setting per pack that you can set the Project ID for your page)


Version 1.3.1 is now out.

With the fixes of the most annoying things.
Sadly i wasn’t able to fix the “Scaling issues” for the whole reason that even if i got a JScrollPane work it would never show its scrollbars. Even on enforcing it.
Though my time was fairly limited so i thought better get the unfixable stuff from the users side away.
Changelog can be found in the zip

(Friendly Person) #44

of course core bug fixes are always priority over a limited UI issue. Though it would be appreciated if that could be looked at in the future to make it more user friendly. :+1:

(Slither ) #45

There seems to be a problem with certain mods. Like Matter overdrive. It has a 1.7 version and a Legacy version. For some reason the manager only picks up the 1.7 version regardless of providing the link to the correct one to be added to the repository.


That can be an issue with the website that hosts the information that I am using (the mod was reported to cause issue there)
Sadly without dropping that page and rewriting a big chunk of the software (and making it much slower because the checks grow exponentionaly) there is not really anything I can do about that mod.

There is around 10-20 mods (from 10k mods) that have that issue.

TL:DR: Yes we are aware but without massive rewrites its not fixable.