So I got myself a GPD WIN 2


They don’t, it’s via my credit card, if the store supports the receipt service (most do it seems, even local places, it’s pretty ubiquitous now) then the receipt gets emailed via the CC processor. ^.^

Lol, not here, stores try anything possible to get out of returns. ^.^

(Gregorius Techneticies) #42

So I tried the old Stylus from a Nintendo DS, and it didn’t work on the GPD WIN 2. Weirdly enough there was 2 differently pointed Styli but neither worked.

And so far it worked really well for playing Shovel Knight on the go, I just need to find a Seat in the Bus that isn’t so cramped that I cant place my elbows on my legs.

Things I wish for a GPD WIN 3 to have:

  • SIM Card Slot with 4G/5G compatible Antenna (though I do think the WiFi Antenna might be 4G already, unsure how that interacts with Cell Towers).
  • The Monitor should be rotated Landscape by Default instead of Portrait, because that’s still causing weird Issues for me, since the OS Rotates that into proper AFTER loading the Widgets, causing the Desktop to jumble up at every single restart, and also the Login Screen for the Disk Decryption to be Sideways.
  • A tiny Touch Pad with Scroll Wheel support (where the GPD Logo is right now) so that the D-Pad doesn’t have to do that in Mouse Mode anymore, and therefore can be Arrow Keys instead of the ABXY Buttons being Arrow Keys (which interacts weirdly with Shovel Knight since you cannot map arrow keys to OK/Cancel because Arrow Keys cannot be “unmapped” so OK will always move one menu entry down and then hit OK for me).
  • Maybe a Camera, I dont really use such a thing but it would be nice to have, preferably with a protection/obscuration cap or a hardware lever to turn it off.
  • And a Microphone, which I also wouldn’t really use but it would be useful!