Some Ideas about Large Machines in Future



Have you considered large liquefaction furnaces? It will have more tanks to store liquids, which means that all substances can be melted when the cubes containing many substances are melted. It will also be more efficient.

(Mr.CHEN) #22

About the texture of multiblock machines… Some players complain that the “gap” between the various blocks in the multi-block structure is ugly and makes the players feel that the structure is not a whole. Because the front texture of the multiblock turbine has been repaired in the previous version, and the top texture of large centrifuge has similar, so should the texture of other multiblock structure be the same?
My idea is this: Coke oven does not need to change the texture because the texture of fire bricks can be seamlessly stitched together. There are no ugly gaps in the side texture of large centrifuge, so there is no need. As for distillation tower, the gradient transverse stripes of each layer can be connected together. At the same time, the gap between parts disappears, the top texture will be connected together, and the rivet pattern can be retained. For multiblock machines using walls (such as large boilers, multiblock turbines, etc.), the gap between walls will disappear after the structure is completed. Similarly, the rivet pattern will be retained. These texture changes only occur after the completion of the multiblock structure, making it easier for players to know whether the structure is completed. Since the texture is changed after completion, there is no need for troublesome texture stitching code. :wink:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #23

Wait what exactly are you arguing for, you are kinda on both sides of the argument regarding Texture.

(Mr.CHEN) #24

I mean, other multiblock machines, like large centrifuges and multiblock turbines, can undergo some texture changes when the structure is completed, making the machine look more like a whole and easier to distinguish whether the multiblock structure has been completed.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #25

Ah now I know what you mean, but thanks to this I just realised that the Front Texture of the Turbine kindof has Lighting Issues, and that it also has the background Rivet Pattern rather stretched, so the Rivet Pattern will probably go back to normal, while the 3x3 Turbine Texture stays.

The real issue here is that I use stock Minecraft Rendering so that makes it hard to make Multiblock Textures, especially for cases like the Large Centrifuge where I clearly made some Mistakes creating its Texture, not to mention the huge amount of Effort to get it working in the first place.

(dnk1234567) #26

GT5 is very good for setting up large machines.When you add an energy hatch to the structure of an incomplete industrial blast furnace,its texture will stay in gray.But if you finish it,its texture will change into the deep green.It is wonderful.But in the GT5u or GT4,I’m tired in checking structure(Though in GT4,there will have a light on the top to show its integrity).

Another problem is chunk.Sometimes I(and other players,especially in server) placed our Vacuum Freezer on the boundary,it can break down easily.I still don’t know why even now.

The seamless connection of texture is good,just as the glass or other things.But it can be changed by some visual mods like Optifine?I don’t know.:thinking:

Also,I’m curious about the blocks that were added in GT5.Such as Containment Field Machine Casing,Data Drive Machine Casing and so on.They seem will take part in the construction process of multiblock machine.However,they only have a steel texture,in a WIP statement,also without recipes or other properties.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #27

That isn’t a Problem with GT6, my Machines work fine even at Chunk Borders.

(dnk1234567) #28

:grinning:That’s great.This is a big step forward.From then on, I can eliminate the need to display the boundaries of the chunks, and the device occupies less space.
By the way,the GT5 has added the Roadblocks which have yellow and black diagonal stripes to show warning.Since the warning sign covers have been added, it seems that some more obvious identification measures are needed.
That means you don’t need the other mods like Chisel.

(Mr.CHEN) #29

Yeah, I saw this week’s first multiblock machine: large mixer, whose multi-threading is useful in large-scale chemical production.
It looks like it’s built with a stainless steel wall “simple” and the texture is a little boring than a large centrifuge… Also, if it uses RU like a large centrifuge, then there is a problem if the main block needs a circuit, because the circuit is not powered, maybe it needs to add a “dynamo” in the recipe to power the circuit with RU…
Now I have a question: If I use other mods to break through the 64 items stack limit of vanilla, will it also have more threads?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #30

Can you insert stacks larger than 64 into the Machine with said “other mods” that I never heard of? I am very sure you cant insert stacks bigger than 64 into my Machines unless you have Mods that dont hardcode the 64 Limit into their Automation.

And stacks of size 111 are incompatible with NEIs “infinite” stacks, so you couldn’t even do such large stacksizes.

The 256 Parallel thing is more for Fluid Mixing than for Item Mixing.

And dont worry about Circuits not being powered, I’m trying to not make everything too complicated there.

(Mr.CHEN) #31

A “possible” solution is to add a compact electric motor to the main block’s recipe so that it can generate electricity by rotating… But in this case, direct power drive is better… Maybe the electric centrifuge is a good suggestion…
Also, will there be a large electrolyzer this week? I think there are too many things that need electrolyze…

(Donzil Zenovka) #32

On a side note, item stacks don’t go higher than 64 but fluid levels can sometimes reach high levels in various machines. I’ve sure I’ve had 384000L or so before. This is a feature, not a big right?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #33

Fluids go until Integer.MAX_VALUE so 2^31-1.

(Mr.CHEN) #34

Okay… The large electrolyzer didn’t use my design in the end… Maybe simpler designs are more convenient…

(Gregorius Techneticies) #35

Well what exactly would you change? I kinda went with the same type of art that I did in previous GT Versions.

(Donzil Zenovka) #36

I haven’t built one yet, what design is being used?

(Mr.CHEN) #37

The design is similar to that of a large centrifuge, consisting of 3x2x3 “electrolyzer part” blocks, with the main block placed in the middle of the lower side layer.
My design is complicated… It consists of a hollow 5x4x3 shell. The main block is placed on the surface of 5x4 from the bottom to the center of the second layer. Four platinum wires are placed in the space of 3x2x1 as electrodes. Greg may feel too complex and huge to use this design…

(Donzil Zenovka) #38

Both designs sound fair but what I believe is going on is code from the centrifuge being copied over to make the electrolyzer with block types replaced.

If more multiblock constructions are planned then this would save time for other work.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #39

That’s how it looks like, nice and rainbowy.

As for Mr.CHENs Design, yeah that one is way too big for what the Electrolyzer would do. And when it comes to shape, I always try to go with the “X by X by Y” type of scheme for symmetry sake.

(Mr.CHEN) #40

I don’t think electrolyzers should be designed to be the same length and width… After all, electrolyzer have positive and negative electrodes. In reality, most industrial electrolyzers are rectangular. Although GT6 electrolyzer have no positive and negative electrodes, at least its working principle is as follows… My design is mainly to compare the restored structure, the size may be a little too big…