Some of my suggestions (which will be updated for a long time)


(Mr.CHEN) #1

Here are some of my suggestions for the future of GT6. This page will stay up-to-date for a long time and will be deleted from the page if the @Gregorius agrees or rejects:
Cesium meets water explosion:
Yes, it’s a boring and interesting feature: cesium explodes when it’s thrown into the water and leaves a little cesium hydroxide behind, which is basically useless, but interesting.
Lithium, sodium, potassium and calcium ingots:
Strangely enough, in GT6, three alkali metals - lithium, sodium and potassium, and one alkaline earth metal - calcium do not have their corresponding ingot form, while all other alkali / alkaline earth metals do, and they are treated as gemstones, which is obviously unreasonable. In GT5 they all exist in ingot form (although I’m not sure you’re still adding bloodasp), they can be used as fuel, and I think they can be added to GT6, but they’re no longer “clean fuels” that don’t burn to produce anything. They leave a pile of peroxide after burning. (I don’t want you to make any mistakes in zirconium. Thank you.)
Rutile gem:
In contrast to lithium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, rutile is treated as a gem in GT6 as a metallic material. I hope rutile is treated as a gem rather than a metallic material.
Adding some achievements might make it easier for players to know what to do next, such as making the first steam boiler would be a “Steam Age” achievement.
Digital Lathe:
I heard German Digital lathe is pretty good? Well, that’s a good suggestion. Composition of course requires circuitry. Unlike other machines that have both non-electric and electric versions, Digital lathes can have nondestructive overclocking. You can adjust some of the lathe’s recipes (such as lenses) to have a probability of failure. Only a Digital lathe can guarantee 100% success (and make it even more so Useful)!
Better multiblock machines:
I think there’s an obvious problem with the multi-block machines these days: they’re so simple and unreasonable, like large turbines, whose interior is filled with dense walls that the steam doesn’t move anywhere. I think we should put two “turbine blade blocks” or something else in the middle, like large dynamo, its center should have a magnetized shaft, but the inside is filled with coils, so I think you can add a “magnetized shaft unit” and so on. I think the GT6 large machine should have at least some reasonable structure (similar to GT5) instead of just increasing the cost and making the main block Difficulty.
GT6 own nuclear fission reactor!

A better Uranium processing:
Now uranium processing is too simple, I think in order to make the techtree more complex, you can simulate the real uranium processing:
Pitchblende/Uraninite + nitric acid = uranyl nitrate
Uranyl nitrate + ammonia = ammonium diuranate(yellowcake)
Ammonium diuranate + hydrogen = uranium dioxide
Uranium dioxide + fluorine = uranium hexafluoride (in reality, two steps are needed to make it less difficult to change step by step).
Uranium hexafluoride === centrifuge === uranium-235 hexafluoride+ uranium-238 hexafluoride
Drying aluminum hydroxide into alumina:
Why can’t aluminum hydroxide be used for desiccator instead of using crucible/smelter to make alumina? This caused trouble for automation aluminum processing.
A Cooler Energy laser:
Well, you might be in a hurry to add LU energy, or you might not think about some of the properties of the laser. I have some cool suggestions about lasers:
Laser energy can be transmitted in a straight line through the air, but unlike laser fiber wires, it can be loss and the entity can be burning and damaged when it comes to lasers (many mod lasers can be used to transmit energy, and I think GT should do the same),Lasers can ignite explosives.
shutter cover closing will not cut off the pipeline model:
The untouched pipe model looks ugly, and I think the shutter cover should be “closed” instead of “cut off” the pipe, which is more realistic and more beautiful.
The name of the long distance pipelines:
The “interface” and the pipe between the two ends of the long distance item/fluid pipeline are called “long distance item/fluid pipeline”, which leads to ambiguity in expression, so it is better to add “interface” or something after the name of “long distance item/fluid pipeline” which acts as “interface” on both sides to avoid ambiguity. Meaning (they are also two different blocks).
Multifunctional roller machine:
A multi-functional electric roller machine, equivalent to the combination of rolling mill, roll bender, roll former and cluster mill(wiremill can not), can change the recipe by selector label or other things (for example, configuration = 0 plate===> curved plate configuration = 2 1plate===>4 rails configuration = 4 1plate===> 4 foils) so that it can not be used. So many troublesome roller! Of course, because of the need to switch recipes, synthesis requires circuits.
More Organic Materials and Chemical recipes:
At present, GT6 only has PE. In the future, more plastics such as PET, PP, PS can be added, just like in GT5U (although I know this is not what you do), and other organic materials (such as epoxy resin) can also be added. Now the production of plastics (PE) is too simple (although it may have to be done for game balance), you can also add some other recipes (e.g. ethylene) and other materials, as well as some basic machines, which require better chemical knowledge (maybe you need to go back to learn the high school textbooks.)

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Note: I moved this out of the Support Category and into the GT6 Category, because this isn’t really a “Problem” as is more of a Suggestion Type of thing. I would recommend you to post some notification whenever you edit this thing. :wink:

Yeah a Piston for RU to KU conversion is planned.

The Overclocking Mechanics need to improved for certain Types of Machines indeed.

Multiblocks are “just stupid casing” for the reason that its simpler to build them that way. The delicate “Turbine Blades” are supposed to be part of the Controller Block of the thing. Essentially every “exotic” Part of a Multiblock, that wont be usable for any other Multiblocks, should be contained in the Controller instead of the Structure.
This is more of a Game Design thing than Realism in this case ofcourse.
And there is indeed more Multiblocks planned.
Reminds me that I should definitely fix the 3x3 Front Texture of Turbines to actually be rendered 3x3 instead of 1x1.

Nuclear Fission is indeed planned for GT6, same for Nuclear Fusion and an RTG (similar to IC2 but with more realistic Fuel Pellets, though radioactive decay would be very accelerated in a lot of cases).

(Mr.CHEN) #3

That should also leave the 1x1x2 in the middle of the large turbine to allow steam to pass.
The design of separating the turbine blade from the main block is in Big Reactor and Mekanism, which is not a big problem in game design, and GT itself is a more realistic mod (at least I think so). I think you just don’t have enough time to do these unimportant things just to keep up with the frequency of updates. Maybe you can consider this when most of the content is perfect, but it’s not the right time.

(PHO) #4

That should also happen for Rubidium, Potassium, and maybe Sodium, just saying :slight_smile:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

I am pretty sure the Explosion will happen with Sodium and Potassium Blocks, when getting into contact with Water Blocks.

Here is a List of things this already happens to since a few years:

Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs and Fr

(Mr.CHEN) #6

Lithium reacts slowly with water, and the solubility of lithium hydroxide is low, so the reaction between lithium and water does not explode (even the heat released does not melt lithium). Here’s to commemorate the innocent beaker that was thrown away. (Explain the meme: A Chinese man named Yang Fan filmed a series of chemical experiments called “Crazy Chemistry,” in which he said before reacting rubidium and cesium with water, "What kind of containers should we react with? A beaker? Certainly not (throw out the beaker) at least the sink. "It became a meme later, but the beaker that was thrown away was really innocent… )

(Gregorius Techneticies) #7

Oh they were treated as Gems because Salt was so too. I was obviously lazy on that one. Fixed next Release.

Rutile is treated as an Ore, and it happens to have an Ingot because other Mods add an Ingot form to it, though only the molten form of it counts for GT6 purposes.

In what kinda context did you mean that? you didnt talk about Zirconium at all in the previous and next sentences.

(Mr.CHEN) #8

Perhaps because of the translation software problem, I meant, “Don’t make the mistake of using zirconium as a gem any more.”

(Gregorius Techneticies) #9

But Zirconium does exist in Gem Form. That is why it has both, Gems and Ingots.


Uh, technically isn’t the usual metal form technically a gem? ^.^

(Gregorius Techneticies) #11

Be glad I noticed that you edited a bunch of things, otherwise this thread might have died, due to you editing it instead of posting updates to it. :wink:

The Shutter is made to connect and disconnect anything universally, this doesn’t really need a separate Block, think of it as more of a thing that can remove the “locks” from individual Axle Parts in order to make them connect and disconnect.

Yep, Laser Transmission over Air is planned for later. :wink:

Yeah visually speaking, I might add some sort of hook to make the pipe at least look connected even when disconnected, but its hard to convey to the user that something connected/disconnected if I do that.

(Mr.CHEN) #12

You can write a post on GT6 Future Plans so that you know what you have without repetitive suggestions and what you want to delete from this page


@Gregorius Now we’ve got anvils for hammering,I’m wondering if there would be a vice for sawing and filing or something alike :wink:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #14

Yeah I thought about something like that already. For Filing I do have the Grindstone, even if it’s not used for much other than sharpening Blades and making Lenses yet.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #15

They explode since years already so why do you suggest me that? Even Dust Explosions from Wood Pulp and Flour are in since then!

Good Point, gonna name them “End Point”, that way its more obvious.

(Mr.CHEN) #16

about the large dynamos:
The recipe of the large dynamo main housing is somewhat unreasonable: there is no magnetized rod used to generate induced current, and the battery used for crafting does not conform to the voltage level of the dynamo (e.g. a large stainless steel dynamo whose output voltage is in the EV-IV range of 1536-6144EU/t, but the battery used for recipe is LV).
Maybe you should add “magnetized neodymium shaft units” to the multiblock structure, or add them to the recipe. Anyway, the current recipe is not reasonable.
Now, there is still no space for steam to pass through the middle of a large turbine…

(Gregorius Techneticies) #17

Dynamos that are this large do not actually use Magnetic Rods in order to generate Current, they use TWO Copper Coils Rotating around each other, one of them being jumpstart-charged using the Battery so the Magnetic Field and therefore the Output Current can build up.

You should look it up, the whole 2 Copper Coils thing is real, and on a large Scale way more viable than a Magnetic Rod.

(Mr.CHEN) #18

Oh, I just finished the wiki page for smelter and large centrifuges, but I had some difficulties in writing the page for bedrock mining drills… I wonder if I can finish it today.
About large turbines… Previously said to repair the positive rendering, the result has not been done… I’ve said many times about leaving space for steam, but I haven’t responded yet… It’s not hard to leave two block space in the middle (like coke ovens and large boilers), but why are you always reluctant to do it? This also makes large turbines less expensive (after all, a dense wall equals 36 stainless steel)
By the way, is the official name of multi-block steam turbine and dynamo is “multiblock steam turbine/dynamo” or “large steam turbine/dynamo”? (Wiki adds pages to use)