About Powering Machines


(I Isak) #1

I have some problems using machines. I have tried to power them using steam and electricity using creative. But nothing works. They won’t get powerd. When i try steam the boiler just explodes after some time and using the magifying glass it says the my pipes are empty. Electricity just don’t work. eather The machines don’t get animated or work. If anyone can help me please do.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Have you tried supplying the Boilers with Water? The Boilers will output Steam through the Top.

And generally, for this you should probably make a Screenshot of your Setup and upload it :wink:

(I Isak) #3

I didnot even think of giving the boiler water. That might help. Also heres the screenshoot.

(PHO) #4

Your setup looks just good so yeah the only problem would be the lack of water. Don’t expect boilers can produce steam out of nowhere!

(I Isak) #5

Yeah water might be important for a boiler to work. I just missed a obvious detail. But thanks for the help. :smiley:

(SuperCoder) #6

My advice is to always read things’ tooltips, they contain valuable information about where machines input/output items, input/output fluids, and take power. Also, sometimes the tooltips are very funny in the case of Greg’s food :wink: