Aluminium cable amperage not enforced

(flaoua) #1


It seems that aluminium cables (1x) can handle more than 1A with EV voltage despite their description stating so.

My test setup is two “HV Battery Box + HV-EV transformer” combo linked with aluminium cables, because I’m currently up-ing my grid voltage to compensate for EU loss.

I made the same test with gold cables (1x) and HV voltage (no HV-EV transformers this time) and as soon as I reached 2A (by putting a second battery in the “emitter” Battery Box) they all melted in fire, as expected.

Did I misunderstand something ?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Are you sure it is 2 Amps? Because the Transformers make the whole thing 1/4th of whatever the Amperage was, when you x4 the Voltage. So your Aluminium Wire is doing 2/4th of an Amp, which is just half of what it can handle.

(flaoua) #3

Oh I was not aware of this “1/4th” behaviour between Voltage and Amperage. I’ll test this more thouroughly :+1:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Yes, Amps are the reason you even get Cable Loss, and Transformers 4x the Voltage in order to /4 the Amps, so you get overall less Loss :wink: