Circuit Board Industry


Is the minimum energy requirement for some PCB fabrication too low? This allows the highest level of circuit boards to be made during the LV period. Do you plan to adjust it? In addition, electronic components should be etched more authentically in laser etcher.
Do you intend to add a structure similar to GT5 ultra-clean room to etch the PCB in a dustless environment?

(Laurynas Liutkus) #2

Don’t forget to later cut it using the same buzzsaw that you use for cutting wood :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #3

The LV Tier isn’t too low, the whole concept of Energy consumption Tiers doesnt apply to how High Tech something is.


What I’d like to know more than this is whether you intend to make the process of crystal circuit boards in the cleanroom? I think it will be made in a dustless environment.XD

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

Nope, no Cleanrooms in GT6, not gonna happen. I wont force people to put a Box around their Assembling Line.

(Mr.CHEN) #6

By the way, when it comes to assembly line, will similar fine assembly equipment be added to produce high-tech products in the future? I think it’s too “violent” to simply press chips and circuit plates together with a press, while vanilla crafting table is too crude to support the complex recipe of more than nine items. Will there be fine production equipment like a circuit assembler in the future?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #7

Yeah such a thing might come somewhen.

(dnk1234567) #8

Clean room in GT5u can use the chassis as a block in wall.In addition, other mods (such as TE) also provide some wireless items transmission channels.So automation is not a big problem.If a large square-shaped clean room is not beautiful, can you add a small purifier to ensure the “internal” cleanliness of the machine?
Also,the pollution system is also more real.Exhaust,waste water even ionizing radiation can be designed as a fluid or a virtual value in chunks.But the fluid can be easily treated via the void pipes in BC or other similar things in different mods.The pollution can affect the state of the players and blocks, even other machines.