Gameplans: Multiplayer Server Hosting


(Gregorius Techneticies) #1

Server Stuff

As for Features on Servers, I would like them to be able to have a Text and Images Only Website without anyone having to put much effort into hosting their own Website. That way News can be posted there, or instructions how to get whitelisted (since paid Server Accounts are allowed, also links to that), or a link to the Servers Patreon/Paypal for Donations.
A special Text Only “Rules” Board will also be on the Servers Website, so you dont have to place a Wall with Signs at Spawn or something stupid like that.
The Rules List will probably be shown during the loading Screen while logging in, along with whatever Title/Name/Logo the Server chooses to have.
The Website should also be able to have some sort of World Map of the Server. Similar to Dynmap for Minecraft. it will be possible to turn this off, to disable “Map spying”
Another thing to add there would be Server Chat, where you can log in using your Server credentials (including just directly through the Launcher) and then chat with the other people even if you dont actually have the Game itself up.
All those random integrated Services will run independant from each other, so that if the Game happens to crash, Chat and Website will continue to work, so that you can spam the Host to finally fix the damn Server, or help the Host fix it in Chat without having to use third party Chat programs.
Game Crashes will also result in an Email Notification for the Server Host (or Hosts, you will be able to enter multiple Emails), so that a fast reaction can be guaranteed, unless everyone Sleeps or something.
The Chat will be told that an Email Notification has been sent to the Host (but only if an Email Address was given to the Server for Notifications).

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

I’m a bit unsure about Automatic Reboots of the Server. The Code should be good enough to never require a stupid reboot to clear Memory. The Rebooter should definitely detect if nobody is online at that moment and when possible only do it then.
The Server itself would be a Commandline started thing, and the Game itself will have Scripting for Events and such, so there is going to be plenty of ways to control things.

(Donzil Zenovka) #3

What sort of machine do you think would be needed to run this server/game? Any expectations for ram etc?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

I would expect something similar to Minecraft Server Stats. Considering there is 8 times more blocks per m³, but the Game is gonna be much more efficient. A Server definitely needs to be as good as a Computer doing a Singleplayer Game without the Rendering Part. The Rest would be dependent on the count of Online Players.

And for that I would point out that a 1 GHz Dual Core Processor should be more than enough.

(Donzil Zenovka) #5

Sounds good, because let me tell you, waiting twenty minutes for a fully modded explored server to start is not fun when you need to restart it twice a day due to memory leaks.


Though technically that’s just a lot of mods faults because they don’t manage things properly… ^.^;

Mods have too much power and it breaks routinely. There really should be ‘scales’ of mods depending on the power you need, so you only need to look at certain things when there are issues instead of all 200 or whatever.

(dnk1234567) #7

Also, if your computer performance isn’t very good, your Minecraft probably crash when you using your NEI or go to another dimensions.So you need to wait for another twenty minutes if you do not have SSD.:wink:

(Donzil Zenovka) #8

I daresay its the amount of mods I have installed rather than anything else, though an SSD is a given for any self-respecting computer these days.


I would allow to at least do a automatic server restart just in case if someone wants that.
(For example so patches or other things could be done automatically by that or if addons/mods require it)

Edit: There will be always a reason why you need it.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #10

Automatic Patches? You know that wouldn’t need a daily Restart. That would need a Restart whenever the Mods Folder changes or an Update is out.


That was just a example why a “AutoRestart System” could be needed. A Optional Timer could be extra feature for that.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #12

Oh you mean automatically restarting when the game crashes too? That is definitely gonna be part of it.

Just the “restart every 24 hours” thing is very fishy to me, especially if everything is programmed right you should NEVER need to do that.

(Donzil Zenovka) #13

Yeah anything that requires a periodic restart cannot be working correctly.


honestly just make a condition system for that and allow a timer. You never know what a server hoster wants.