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Give him an appropriate group. ^.^

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Wait how does that fix the issues exactly? I’m not opposed to make a “Creator” Group or something but what would need to be fixed?


Actually even better, looks like a very recent Discourse version changed that!

So… upgrading… ^.^
Upgrade done!

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Awesome! I’ll be making some new updates soon :wink:

(SuperCoder) #25

It’s the time of year for a GTWW update! In this update, you will see elemental weapons and a massive buff to liquefacted coal so you get around 50% more HU in total than you would if you just burned 2 pieces of coal in a burning box. Here’s the changelog:

[Added] Elemental weapons. Any weapon rare or above has a 60% chance of getting an element when you first right click to roll the perks. The elements are:
Aero-strike (wind): added knockback to the target
Pyro-strike (fire): sets fire to a target for 3 seconds
Cryo-strike (ice): freezes a target completely for 2 seconds
Electro-strike (lightning): spawns a lightning bolt at the target when above ground. Not reccomended near creepers or pigs :wink:
[Note] All existing weapons should still work properly, they just won’t have cool elemental abilities.
[Added] Ability for coal gas to be used in the gas turbine for a large increase in efficiency.
[Changed] Buffed liquefacted in burning box
[Changed] Buffed coal gas in burning box
[Changed] Made water in the liquefacted coal recipe be 1:1 with the amount of liquefacted coal produced.
[Changed] Increased amount of products from liquefied coal distillation to make it much more efficient
[Removed] Coal gas distillation because it allowed plastics to be acquired. Liquefacted coal distillation has become better to compensate.

I am very sorry if the removal of coal gas distillation breaks any of your builds, but the massive buff to liquefacted coal in general is something I hope people will enjoy. As usual, you can download it here :smiley: