How to use Long Distance Transformer?

How to use Long Distance Transformer?

Will it reduce circuit losses? Or does it have other functions?
Where is Long Distance embodied?


From the Changelog:

As long as the starting and ending Point are loaded it can transmit power, even/especially if parts of the Wire itself are in unloaded Chunks.
It has a lower loss than normal Wires due to the higher Voltage and better Insulation.
These Wires CANNOT branch off, they are just a from Start to Finish thing. For Branching you need to do some sort of Transformer House, so you can split Energy manually.
Also you cannot use different types of Wire in the same Line.
The Wire Blocks themselves are really just regular non-TileEntity Blocks, they don’t even have “visual connections”. Just draw a Line of those Wires from Long Distance Transformer A to Long Distance Transformer B.
Also make sure the sending and the receiving ends of this are chunkloaded (for obvious logical reasons, it will NOT cause lag if you don’t load them).
All Cables have a loss of 1 EU every 8 Blocks, so 0.125EU per meter. With higher Voltages, these 0.125EU/m are almost unnoticeable.
It will always have a Loss as if the Wire was 512 meters long, whenever it is shorter than 512 meters. This is to discourage usage in short distance connections. So the Loss is at minimum 64EU per Packet.
Only use it if your Wire is more than 64m long, yes 64m, normal Wires have a loss of 1EU/m or even more, meaning it will be useful from 64m and onwards.
If you are doing a SERIOUSLY LONG Cable with this, then make sure that after losses, the Energy the receiving End gets, is more than its minimal Energy Output!
Max Distance is about 8km for EV (2048EU/t), 32km for IV, 131km for LuV, 524km for ZPM, and finally 2097km for UV. Most Servers don’t even go past 10km, so I think this should be more than enough.
You can send ANY Amperage through these Cables, but you only have one Surface to connect to.
A yellow indicator Light tells you, that the Target of the Long Distance Transformer is unloaded right now.
Technically speaking, this Device is nothing more than a lossy Energy Teleporter, that requires a Cable made of Dummy Blocks to connect the Start Point and the End Point.