I found a new way to make carbon dust


(TiCl4) #1

As everyone knows,we can’t centrifuge ash to make carbon dust in the new version,but I found a new way to make carbon dust.
Step 1: coal dust + quartz dust ==mix== black quartz dust
Step 2: black quartz dust ==centrifuge== silicon dioxide dust + carbon dust

I don’t know does it accord with GregoriusT’s setting.If not,this is a bug,please fix it.

(Davide) #2

This seems OP…

(Gregorius Techneticies) #3

Try Sugar + Sulfuric Acid. That gives tooooooons of Carbon, and both Sugar and Sulfuric Acid are way more common than Coal.

(Davide) #4

sulfuric acid more common than coal? Mhhh… You need coal to power the machines in order to produce carbon, and it takes a lot of time…
Anyway, he’s asking if this way is “cheaty”, not if that’s worth it xD

(TiCl4) #5

But sulfur dioxide needs steel,steel needs carbon dust.So the first carbon dust can’t be made by this method.