Let's test a wiki!


This is a wiki post, anyone can edit it (with full versioned history).
testing 1 2 ok it works now


Testing a solution too!

(Bear) #3

how do you edit i dont see a way


Should be a little shortened pencil looking icon at the bottom of the post, might need to click the three dots to expand it?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

Not quite, the Dots arent needed, I have moved edit out of the … Box because it was annoying. But keep in mind youre using an Admin account, ofcourse you can edit anything!


I’m referencing user accounts, any user account of tier 1 or higher gets edit capability on posts marked as wiki posts too.

EDIT: Oh wait, I didn’t make it a wiki post yet, fixed! ^.^

(Gregorius Techneticies) #7

Rmeember that this is “testing Wiki functionality”, so we dont know if it works yet :wink:


It works, I just didn’t set the post as a wiki post until a minute ago. ^.^;


Test again another post


Test another post

With multiple lines

a quote


And done.


Still interesting how easy this was to get working though. :wink: