MC 1.12.2 modpacks are way too buggy

(Timothy ) #1

I am seriously disappointed with most of the mods in MC 1.12.2. Pick your favorite mod or any very popular mod you can locate in the CurseForge listing.
Click on your selected mod.
Click on files.
Scroll down through the history of versions released.
You will find more updates on most mods released for MC 1.12.2 than any other version of Minecraft.
As a result, I highly recommend you do NOT use this version of Minecraft.
I for one am tired of the crashy mod packs so I will not be using mod packs in Minecraft 1.12.2 ever again.


Updates aren’t bad if the mod is growing and bugs are getting fixed though.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #3

1.12.2 has introduced a TON of Bugs, including vanilla Bugs, and Rewrites, that and the fact that CurseForge basically didnt really exist until 1.7.10 means that only 1.7.10 Mods and up are there. 1.8 and 1.10 and Stuff all quickly got ditched by most Modders because they were still redoing their Code while newer MC Updates came out regularily, so 1.7.10 (which is basically stable, and the reason why I am doing GT6 on it and not later Versions) and 1.12.2 (which is latest) are the only Versions worth doing Stuff with.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #5

No you have just read the opposite of what was standing there. Not gonna do 1.12.2 ever.

(SuperCoder) #6

I agree that 1.7.10 is more stable, but there is a also a counter argument to this. 1.12.2 is much more developer supported, and some of the forge hooks are a lot better. Forge for 1.13 is also being worked on, which is very exciting as it completely removes metadata and the blockID and itemID limit.


Just need someone to keep working on forge for 1.7.10. :wink:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #8

Well if SOMEONE would do that SOMETHING, preferably the one who JUST suggested it in that post above. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, that’s a world of pain I’m happy to be out of though… ^.^;


I have to disagree on supercoders part. “A lot more Coder Friendly Stuff was added”, that is partly true but also partly wrong.
For the reason yeah Shitty Capabilities, some more forge events that slow down the game even more, a “OnAdded To World” function for a TileEntity that is now a replacement for the “canUpdateFunction” that forces hacks to make sure your tileentity doesnt tick because its a interface check only now.
The havy use on json files that don’t allow to have memory opimization, and you have to implement your own model loader to actually have less memory usage.
The “Forge Models” that is not even compatible to “Vanilla Only” stuff where a couple mods have to be patched to make them selves compatible to vanilla.
The Actual good patches of vanilla that forge disables and causes users to have much more junk in the system.
And ofcourse the actual good features that nobody supports because they think its not good at all because a mod does it better. (Crafting Book in mc)

Yes it totally became more moddev friendy! but only if you have a existing engine that handles all the bullshit that exists in newer mc versions.
And only if you work against forge instead of using it.