[Mod] GT6NEIOrePlugin (Show informations of GT6 vein in NEI)




This mod shows informations of large vein when you click ores in NEI.
This mod is a client-side mod.


I don't have a plan to upload CurseForge at least not for now.
Basically I will upload on GitHub.
Download and place .jar file to your mods folder and it'll work.

Issue and suggestion

You reply this topic or post issue on GitHub.
I can't receive E-mail when you reply on this forum, so GitHub is better if you need quickly reply.


All rights reserved. You can't re-upload this mod.
But if you make GT6 modpack with this mod, you ask permission of me.

About to original author:

There is the original mod, but it doesn't work with latest GT6.
I add some pure garbage codes and it works now.
I really thank GWYOG for making almost codes.
Here is his repository and license.

Supported dimention

Overworld - Ow
Nether - Ne
End - En
PerFabricaAdAstra - Pf
・Moon - Mo
・Mars - Ma
・Asteroid - As
TwilightForest - TF
Erebus - Er
The Betweenlands - Be
Atum - At
Enviromine - Env
Extra Utilities 2 - DD
Aether - Ae
AdvancedRocketry – Pl
Alfheim - Al
Tropicraft - Tr
CandyCraft - Ca

Change Log

v1.0.5b - Add dimention support(Alfheim, Tropicraft, and CandyCraft)


Very cool!

If needed you can see worldgen mappings at:

And see all the possible worldgen’s themselves at:

Pulling the info from the worldgen information blocks will let you dynamically know the information and keep up to date automatically in the future (assuming no API changes). :slight_smile:


Thank you for reply!
To tell the truth, I only know JavaScript, and I didn’t know Java at all lol.
(It seems I can’t post URL so remove h :sweat_smile:)

This mod gets WorldgenObject from List<WorldgenObject>

It’s seems that it contains WorldgenOresLarge (vein info)

I think List<WorldgenObject>... aLists means the dimension list where this vein generates, but I don’t know how to get this info. ; ;

I don’t know vein generation setting in config file too, for example, if I want to generate GT vein in Titan@Extra Planets, do I need to write this?(Is it impossible?)

dim { 

But there isn’t this custom dimension WorldgenOresLarge info in CS.java, so this mod doesn’t work. ; ;

Modding is too difficult for me, I really respect modders :joy:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4


Ah I see, forgot to whitelist that one. Yeah I am kindof forced to whitelist Domains for Link Posting, so sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the Worldgen, a LOT of things are actually very hardcoded, especially for the old GT5-Style Ore Veins. Don’t rely on the Config too much for those, it is a huge mess. Though the Code in the API should still work as long as I directly support the Dimension itself (which is NOT the case for Titan, that one gets thrown together with all the Galacticraft Planets).


Thank you for your reply.
I just understand I tried to do impossible things.:joy:

Is it true that GT6 large vein only supports these dimension?
In CS.java:

public static final List<WorldgenObject>
	  ORE_**** = new ArrayListNoNulls<>()

I really want to support ExtraPlanets or GalaxySpace because I’m making GT6 modpack and planets are end contents.
Most modpacks use these dimensions as end contents, so if you have a time, I would be grateful if you could support.:pray:

If these dimension are supported, I modify this code and make a progress modpack lol.:laughing:

(Gregorius Techneticies) #6

Yeah only ORE_***** is supported properly, though I think there is a generic “Planets” one in those too, thats all Galacticraft and GalaxySpace Planets.

Also I am unsure as to if GalaxySpace Planets even work for this, as they kinda screw over a lot of Minecraft Code when generating Planets.


I see. Thanks a lot for helping!:+1:

Is it possible to select generation dimention in planets? (According to this conversation, it seems it’s impossible.)
It seems that same ore generation among all GalaxySpace planets.
It’s sad if I can get high tier planets ores in low tier planets ores.:cry:


I fixed up your post, added some formatting to show how that is done nowadays (if you click edit on it then you can see what the source looks like, or if you click the history icon in the upper-right of the post then you can see the precise changes I did). :slight_smile:

If you enclose inline ‘code’ like List<WorldgenObject> like `List<WorldgenObject>` then it will appear like List<WorldgenObject>. :slight_smile:

Also as you seemed to have noticed (since spaces were added to prevent it) something like "List<WorldgenObject>" will appear like “List” in the post, but if you type "List\<WorldgenObject\>" so you ‘escape’ the greater-than/less-than signs then they will post directly, otherwise it’s trying to infer it as an HTML tag, however you don’t need to do that when surrounding it with `'s like `List<WorldgenObject>` just becomes List<WorldgenObject>.

In other words, always put inline code snippets inside of `'s to prevent from from doing weird things. And as for multi-line code you use code fences, like:
dim {
And this will appear like:

dim {

It defaults to Java-style syntax coloring, you can change that to something else by specifying it after the first ``` set like this:
dim {
So this would format it like the toml config language (which this example isn’t, but it’s also just an example). ^.^


Thank you very much!
I’m not used to forums so forgive me. ^ ^;

Is it possible to change font size and color?
<font size="20" color="red">test</font>

And I think it’s useful to use overflow to use long text such as crashlog and changelog. Border is useful too.:smile:
<div style='border: solid 1px white;width:100%;height:200px;overflow:auto;'>test</div>


Don’t say it’s not useful in general using situation.:joy:


Heh, the forum uses Markdown for it’s syntax, thus can google for Markdown to see what it uses. It’s designed not to be just for the web but for a variety of systems, including email and print, so HTML-like things won’t work as you expect. ^.^


Yeah, according to wiki, Markdown is developed :

“to write using an easy-to-read and easy-to-write plain text format, optionally convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML)”

But I usually write HTML, so it’s not easy-to-write lol :joy: