My some suggestion of compatibility and miniature portals


(Mr.CHEN) #1

You can try to compatible with some 1.7.10’s new dimension mods and add miniature portals, such as:AbyssalCraft,CandyCraft,Tropicraft,Soul Forest,TofuCraft,Glacia,Alfheim and OreSpawn
There’s a famous 1.7.10 adventure mod called nevermine, which adds a lot of dimensions, but because of its poor compatibility and easy to cause Delay, I don’t know if you want to be compatible. If you can, you can make a miniature portal that uses Realmstone to switch dimensions (unfortunately, this mod will not be updated until it’s finished)

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Well, since due to suddenly being in winter (started snowing 2 days ago), my creativity got a tiny bit messed up for a moment (I simply cant decide what to do next at the moment lol), I guess I can take a look at 5 of those Mods in order to not waste all time doing nothing.

The others I either couldn’t find, or were on sketchy Websites. Heck I even stumbled upon a fake minecraftforum .net

(Donzil Zenovka) #3

Give us your thoughts on the dimensions? haven’t tried any of them.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Well all I can say is that I just fixed a Startup Crash with GT6 and Alfheim installed, so that is literally my first impression. XD

I still need to look at the Stuff, so I can not say much yet. :wink:

(Mr.CHEN) #5

TofuCraft should be compatible. You only need to add a tofu dimension Miniature portal.
OreSpawn is a very big adventure mod, which is very difficult and prone to delay, and because the dimension of this mod is very special (through right-click ants / termites / butterflies) you can hardly add a miniature portal.
Nevermine 2(Advent of Ascension):
This is also a large-scale adventure mod, once known in China for its live broadcast by the famous minecraft anchor zi_min. Unfortunately, the author has not been updated for some reason and caused the fever to drop. Now it is taken over by a third-party author, who has changed a lot after taking over (e.g. the portal). I don’t know if you think it’s the right version before or after the third party author takes over. A micro portal that can be switched by Realmstone seems appropriate, but this means that the code will be very complex. Lunalus, Runandor and Greckon can add portals separately, as for the portal in the three dimensions of Lunalus, Runandor and Grekon. The unfinished Shyrelands, Everland, Ethereus, Playtopia and Labricon in the official version can be determined at your discretion (The Realmtone of Shyrelands can’t be obtained in the survival mode, but everything else is done. Everland’s portal can be opened by using two Realmtones of Shyrelands in succession, but it’s not finished. The Realmtone of Labricon can be acquired in survival but can’t be used, and the dimension itself is not completed, Ethereu and Playtopia can’t open the portal without Realmstone. They can only enter with a third-party cheater or a custom NPC teleporter.)
Edit:I found a good mining Mod,Caveworld:
Its portal opens in a strange way… Is it appropriate to add miniature portals in the same framework by opening different ports with different things?
Maybe you should add a mini portal to Thaumic Tinkerer’s bedrock world…