Random Updates about Greg

Random Updates about Greg

Hurray for more bullshit. Was at the Lung Doctor and pretty much was told that there apparently is nothing that can help against my Cold Air sensitivity except an Asthma Spray, but guess what, I am taking that stuff already and it doesn’t fucking help with the problem, and he knows that… Well, he said that “we will see in February”, which is very fucking helpful for something I would rather have fixed now than later…

Now I don’t fucking know what to do, and I am kinda about to just stay home unexcused (but not unannounced) for almost 3 months, simply because I dont wanna deal with this bullshit anymore.
Anytime I go outside for even a short moment, I just sneeze often very loudly for hours after coming back in, and ofcourse I had to be outside a lot recently (moving from wherever car is parked to inside and vice versa).

Also found out why there is 4 appointments for the whole root canal thing. The second and third one are for putting a cleaning/sterilizing solution into the tooth to make sure its clean once the real filling comes next week.

I really hate having to deal with real life so often, especially if absolutely nothing comes out of it…


Sounds like you need some sort of environment suit providing a native atmosphere. I’m thinking something with big goggles and a tank.


Yeah apparently, because seriously, even the short time i was outside today resulted in me now STILL having snot run out of my nose right now due to that… I probably had that Issue for 2 or 3 years but I always avoided going outside during winter at those times, so I did not notice much.

Anyways gonna go to the normal doctor tomorrow, because I would rather not be on unexcused leave if possible. But if I am told to be sent around again I will just nope out and take the potential 30% cut, because of all this social garbage and incompetent communication going on, causing everything to be a waste of time for everyone…


Okay, everything went well. Good that my Doctor talked to the Lung Doctor inbetween yesterday and today, so I did not have to explain shit. Well then, I “officially” cant be outside for more than 5 minutes until February now, so that’s barely enough time to enter and leave the car.

Also apparently I did catch a cold while outside the last few days, so that is probably the reason for the Snot explosion in my Nose. XD


Ugh, it turned into not only a Fever but also lack of Oxygen thanks to all the snot combined with Asthma…

I can barely read shit at all because my brain cant process anything properly…

If this continues the whole weekend then I will skip a Release.


Well it didnt go as far as to skip the Release but the Release is a LOT smaller and only contains 3 or 4 bugfixes. Guess this will end up in a lot of crunchtime, but the important Features I mentioned will be done by the end of the year.

I’m feeling better by now, but still caughy enough that I wont finalize the Root Canal at the Dentist today (appointment postponed by a few days, to make sure I dont sneeze while he is inserting the filling).