Request: mob-free green grass


I love and make very heavy use of the mob-free asphalt and concrete blocks, and my main base is completely paved in one or the other. For a bit of colour and variety I’m using microblock covers of silk-touched grass over a concrete foundation - it looks like grass, but prevents mobs spawning inside the perimeter wall.

But I’ve hit a problem trying to build two parks: firstly in losing 1/3 of my framerate; and secondly in that the parks cover several old, buried and paved-over biomes (plains, river, eerie) and are covered in unsightly discoloured patches.

Since you have already added several mob-free blocks to the game, I was hoping it would be possible to add a low performance cost, mob-free, consistently coloured (biome independent) “turf” or “lawn” block suitable for parks, gardens, verges etc. It should have comparable tech-level requirements to concrete and asphalt so that it isn’t overpowered as a defence against mobs in the very early game. One idea I had for a proposed recipe would be a central cross of five grass blocks with thin plastic sheet in the four corners (collectively representing a bagged roll of turf), yielding 5 “turf” blocks.

What do you think?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Just a short question, tried green asphalt? Kinda looks like grass from the top. As a bonus you get more walking speed. :wink:


The colour saturation is too high. If it were possible to colour it in increments as with C-Foam covered pipes, then the lowest one or two saturation levels would probably work quite well, but I don’t think the full-colour green looks all that convincing.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

Hrrm, maybe I will add grass types for that. We’ll see. ^^


Thanks for considering it : )

(Donzil Zenovka) #6

Might I suggest a new block:


4 Shades of Grass (they are all a Shade of Green).
The Grass doesn’t spread, get eaten, need Light, spawn Mobs nor change its color because Biome.
It is crafted with 8 pieces of regular Grass (use a Spade for Silk Touching it) and a Dye (Green, Lime, Black or Light Gray). Also possible in the Bathing Pot to save on Dyes.

Thank you!

(Gregorius Techneticies) #8

Wow just took me 3 months before I remembered it again. XD


eh… I wouldn’t worry about it - with the long, long periods of times most games spend in early access these days, 3 months seems like yesterday…