What about Research in GT


What about researching in GT?
The system is factorio-like. The stone age lab block is a starter item(like an OpenComputers or Rotarycraft handbook). It requires stone age research packs(crafted of flint, rocks, sticks or other earlygame items). To fuel it, you rightclick it.
The smelting age lab is fuelled with a burning box. And requires stone and casting age packs.
The steam age lab uses RU or KU. It requires steam packs as well as the previous ones.
Electric age labs(for all tiers) use EU and require LV, MV and other age packs.
The labs can work in this way:
You choose a technology or a queue(first is Dynamo, second is Basic Wires, third is Electrolyzer or like that) and feed the packs. If you have more than 1 powered lab, they work in parallel.
You can craft an item when you researched it. To skip the research, it can be disabled with a config or use a command.

(Gregorius Techneticies) #2

Yeah not going to happen in GT6, but likely to happen in my game in some way. :wink:


If I want to make a GTbased modpack, I will install some things like NuclearCraft(GT does not have its own reactors), RailCraft(for realistic ore and thing transportation) and Project Red (for logic gates and microblocks). Will RF produced by NuclearCraft reactors automatically converted to EU? Will railcraft electric locomotives take GT electricity? Will I be able to craft a projectred saw for microblocks?

(Gregorius Techneticies) #4

NuclearCraft no idea, there is RF things in GT6 that turn RF into different Power.
Railcraft Stuff accepts GT EU. If it doesn’t then that would be a Bug.
The Saw for Microblocks should be craftable for sure? Why the fuck would that be gone?

(Donzil Zenovka) #5

If @MCNaOtlichno_YT is referring to the hacksaw for making strips/pillars etc I wouldn’t worry, I have one and made it with no difficulty.