Why are Russian wiki icons rendered differently from games?


(Mr.CHEN) #1

A recent trip to the Russian GT6 wiki found that the way the block icon is rendered is different from that in the game (the front is not to the right front as in the game, but to the left front). Does anyone in the Russian wiki know why?


I think that it’s all because Russian wiki is a bit outdated imho of course

(Mr.CHEN) #3

Moreover, GT6 Russian Wiki has not had a new page for a long time… Although the content on the main page is still updated, it seems that no one wants to add something to the new version, and no one wants to modify the outdated content… I don’t know how they render blocks, even if the newly added icons of blocks are rendered like this… You can try adding new content (such as lightning rod)


Yes, many articles redirect to GT 4. I added two lines about anvil and lighting rod, that’s all.